NSW South Coast and all that it has to offer.

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The Cottage

Welcome to Bawley Point Cottage on the New South Wales southern coast. Make this experience yours!

Our take on escaping the city and living by the ocean water reserve. Enjoy what we love and share it with your family and loved ones.
At the cottage we have taken special care within our expectations, to build and style an experience where nature takes over and small design objects allow for a discovery within.

Nothing more, nothing less, just kick back and read the oath.



Swim, Surf, Walk and kick back!

Bawley Point is situated on the South Coast between Meroo and Murramarang National Parks, which makes it a great destination for bush walks. Visit Mimosa Hill Farm, a wild flower and Protea farm on Bawley Point Road.

The nearby Shoalhaven South Coast beaches include Bawley Point Beach itself as well as Shell Beach, Racecourse Beach, Merry Beach, Pretty Beach and Pebbly Beach. Our personal favourite Ganet Beach early in the morning for some whale and dolphin spotting is also a must.


This small enclave of Bawley Point has that South Coast magic; a nostalgic beachside escape from holidays past, that appear to have been lost in time.

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We hope the kids are old enough!

Crowdless sand beaches with aquamarine waters, It’s untamed, yet calm; You will spot two enormous stingrays lazily lapping in the shallows at Bawley Beach, where dolphins and whales are regular visitors, too.

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Kangaroos roam freely near our house while the birdsong soothes or startles, depending on the time of day.
King parrots may end up being your closest neighbours.

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About Us and our Oath

Family in tow as well as a passion to not allow the norm to prevent our journey has lead us to Bawley Cottage wanting us to share our passion for both travel and the invested experience.
Our additional project the stables concept presents time well rested at the cottage.

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